In solidarity with Puerto Rico and Mexico

This year, the BORIMIX Award recipients include:

Carlos Navedo, Mexican Actor, Film and Theater Critic, and Painter

Ramón Ponce, Musician and Founder of The Mariachi Academy of New York

Iris Morales, Community Activist, Attorney, Educator, Filmmaker and First Female Member of the Young Lords

Dennis Rivera, Human Rights Commissioner, Activist, Writer

David Rodríguez and David Maldonado, Veterans in the Latin Music and Entertainment Industry

Puerto Rican Family Institute


Lynda Baquero, Correspondent for WNBC News in New York City

María Hinojosa, Journalist, Anchor and Executive Producer of Latino USA on NPR

Mexican-American Cultural Foundation

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company and Juan Castaño, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Rafael Tufiño Jr., Visual Artist

Fuerza Fest (Hispanic Federation and Mario Colón), LGBT and Latino festival

Boundless Theater Company (María Cristina Fusté)

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